Sherfield English

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Excellent news for the village! The monthly SEDCA Newsletter is now being delivered FREE to EVERY household in the village.

Village Garden Show
Sunday 17th August 2014. Family friendly competition and a fun way to share your enjoyment of growing things.
And for those of you not so green fingered how about entering the photographic competition.
Nick at Gilberts Nursery is always happy to answer any of your gardening queries, email me on

Village Playground at the sports field.
The play area has been painted and refurbished. The weeds and nettles have gone and 18 ton of grit and sand has been laid ready for astro turf to be laid over a plastic membrane. This has been carried out by Roy, Martyn and Paul over several weeks with the help of a donation from the Ashburton bell ringers. The children in the village should now be able to play safely and enjoy the summer months.

Keeping Warm!
Please contact the co-ordinator organising the village group buying scheme. Please note that there is no similar scheme for electricity.
Co-ordinators are:
Eric Hounslow (gas) – Tel 340879 Email:
Richard Smith (oil) – Tel 340938 (before 8pm please) Email:

SEDCA NEWSLETTER - please contact the Editor, David Griffiths on 323 469, or email sedca "at"