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Village Hall – URGENT!
A replacement Secretary and Committee member is still required from 1st January 2015. The Village Hall is administered by the Village Hall Committee comprising six persons who are elected annually and assisted by Sherfield English Parish Council. The Bookings Officer and Treasurer are remaining in office and are willing to assist the new secretary.

Volunteers please come forward – NOW!…………………. Bob 322354

WW1&2 concert
Produced and directed by Clare Durham and Caroline Tanner, compered by Richard Playle (who also produced all the art work and made the soldiers’ hats!) the show was a slick and professionally performed story of the progress of the two World Wars told via songs, sketches, poems and readings. All the artistes were local people and evidence of what talented people live in Sherfield English. Well done all!

Keeping Warm!
Please contact the co-ordinator organising the village group buying scheme. Please note that there is no similar scheme for electricity.
Co-ordinators are:
Eric Hounslow (gas) – Tel 340879 Email:
Richard Smith (oil) – Tel 340938 (before 8pm please) Email:

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