Sherfield English

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Excellent news for the village! The monthly SEDCA Newsletter is now being delivered FREE to EVERY household in the village.

Children's Gardening Club restarts on
Saturday 29th March 2014
Gilberts Nursery, A27
Please do come and join us, all local children and carers welcome - see Group page for more information

In order to show the demand for faster broadband in Sherfield English residents are encouraged to register to support the campaign..
If they access the Hampshire county council website; can help swell the numbers and ensure we are well placed when faster broadband is rolled out in Hampshire in the following year or two.
Please sign up now at the website if you have not already done so.

Keeping Warm!
Please contact the co-ordinator organising the village group buying scheme. Please note that there is no similar scheme for electricity.
Co-ordinators are:
Eric Hounslow (gas) – Tel 340879 Email:
Richard Smith (oil) – Tel 340938 (before 8pm please) Email:

SEDCA NEWSLETTER - please contact the Editor, David Griffiths on 323 469, or email sedca "at"